The Promise Breakers

The Promise Breakers

Since the name of the PCs’ ship is the Broken Promise (and as a kind of joke since most of the players are relatively conservative, married-with-children Christians), the DM likes to refer to the crew as the “Promise Breakers.” They are listed here in alphabetical order by character name.

Current Crew

Alanso Heslock

Bio. Male human rogue played by Jason (formerly played by Matt B.; created by David). Alanso was an up-and-coming burglar who was hired to sink the Broken Promise during its ceremonial voyage on Founder’s (i.e., New Year’s) Day in the year 678. However, he found himself aboard the ship instead, and has become a valuable member of the crew. Alanso’s crewmates, though, are not too sure about his honesty, and fear (or it is envy?) the attention Alanso has received from extradimensional entities …

Wish list.
Alanso’s ego was already overblown before being told he is the savior of the world by the Coritha Institute researchers. Alanso is becoming more and more enamored with this idea. Alanso knows he’s the best and just wants everyone else to realize it. In truth, Alanso has always sought (but never received) the approval of his abusive father, and sees this accomplishment as somehow making up for it. Alanso wants to do super cool stuff with his daggers and always enjoys combat advantage.


Bio. Biologically genderless (identifies as male) warforged barbarian/paladin of Moradin. For several years, Alard knew nothing of his true identity, and went by the moniker “S3rv0” (for “Servant Zero”). Recently, Alard’s memory was restored, and he knows that he was created by a fusion of divine and primordial power to fight against the Great Old Ones in the true Dawn War.

Wish list. (Steve, what does Alard want? Things, events, whatever. List his goals here.)

Lithian Orbmu Seawillow

Bio. Male elf ranger played by Jacob (formerly played by Tim during Jacob’s “leave of absence”). Lithian’s Seawillow name earned him a place—whether he wanted it or not—on the Broken Promise’s ceremonial trip in 678, and as its first mate, no less. With archery training from the Griffon Guard Reserves, Lithian is an able fighter, and the crew’s chief source of martial artillery. Whether the Broken Promise cares that a Seawillow still rides its decks and leads its crew is anybody’s guess …

Wish list. Lithian wants to return home with The Promise intact. To that end, his goals are knowledge and survival. Regarding knowledge: maps, compasses, and anything that helps him get from A to B is good. (Is there a magic compass that points in a direction of a shard, for example? Yes, something like Jack Sparrow has. That would be fun and very useful for the party to have.) Regarding survival: Lithian’s about enhancing his senses, enhancing his fighting abilities in multiple terrains, and enhancing his stealth, which kind of goes hand in hand with his movement. Right now, Lithian wants to be able to fight without penalty in water and in darkness, as those seem to be common themes, to be able to move within those two elements with ease, and to be able to camouflage himself in any terrain. So rings that help him see in complete darkness, shoes that give him no movement penalty in water and allow him to not have to “swim,” and an enhanced cloak or ring or something for stealth are what he’s most anxious to find currently. After that, Lithian’s going to be on the hunt for extreme weapon upgrades and abilities (firing multiple arrows at once; critical damage by rolling 18-20; reaction interrupts allowing him to attack again; and arrows that deal 2x or 5x the damage). Lithian figures if he can survive long enough, he’ll be able to complete the task Gretchen has given the heroes and be able to see Stormhaven again. After that, or perhaps along the way, he’d like to meet an attractive female elf with good child-bearing hips. When the world has been saved, he’ll marry her, build a house on a cliff overlooking the ocean, and raise elflings. Maybe a picket fence…for putting fruit atop it for target practice, of course.

Tyria Silverspray

Bio. Scion of a minor trading family with ambitions to build a great trading guild out of the wreck of her father’s ship, the Sea Falcon, Tyria should be first mate of the Broken Promise. With a Rockhammer and Seawillow aboard, though, she’s been relegated to third place. Her leadership skills frequently help her allies out of difficulty …

Wish list. (Jay, what does Tyria want? Things, events, whatever. List her goals here.)


Bio. Male drow (think of X’endrik drow from Eberron rather than Underdark drow from Faerûn). This mysterious wanderer attached himself to the PCs in Scalabar, offering his services as a local guide (though he himself is native to one of Karvahl’s wilder reaches). Cautious to a fault, even suspicious—and not without reason, given the rashness of the Broken Promise crew—Zebith is quick to ask about the logic of a course of action, and quick to look out for his own skin …

Wish list. (Sam, what does Zebith want? Things, events, whatever. List his goals here.)

The Promise Breakers

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