The Book of Laif

Defending the pacifists from the goblins

Following up on a rumor they picked up on Isla Calipha, the PCs set sail for the island of Karnathi in our adventure “The Book of L’aif,” recorded on October 4, 2008 and presented in podcast episodes 14–19. When the PCs arrived on Karnathi, they found a pacifist society being exploited by a gang of goblinoid pirates, led by the bugbear pirate captain Urlglar the Vicious. The villagers revered a legendary hero named L’aif, who laid down his weapons to pursue a life of non-violence. Urlglar wanted to raid the temple of L’aif in order to find relics of L’aif early career as a warrior, but had little success before the Broken Promise arrived at Karnathi. Our heroes drove Urlglar and his gang away from the island, then went on to explore the temple themselves, “retrieving” L’aif’s armor and weapons in the process. The temple did indeed contain a Book of L’aif—a biography of the hero and a summary of his teachings—but it did not yield the Book of Life, the artifact that the PCs were seeking.



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