The Wellspring

the deserted island with a water elemental

Our second adventure, “The Wellspring,” was recorded on August 30, 2008 and aired in episodes 4–9. After several days floating on an unfamiliar sea half a world or more away from their home in Stormhaven, the PCs found themselves running low on food and drinking water. Dropping anchor near a small island, the PCs discovered there the ruins of a simple tribal village with a well fed by pipes, obviously much more advanced than the technology represented by the village’s other structures. Tracing the pipes up the hill at the center of the island, the PCs discovered a hilltop temple lying in ruins. The PCs explored the temple, awaken its undead guardians, and unknowingly summon a hopping mad water elemental—but they survived these challenges and collected enough water and fresh food to carry them further along their journey.



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