Isla Calipha

think "Pleasure Island" meets "Soylent Green"

Episodes 10–13 present our third adventure, “Isla Calipha,” recorded on September 20, 2008. Sailing more or less aimlessly over an unfamiliar sea, the Broken Promise happens upon a large C-shaped island that turns out to contain a casino-style resort. After a night of R&R, the PCs begin to investigate various suspicious elements of the place—and to ask questions about the Book of Life. The PCs’ suspicions are raised further when they see other ships arriving at Isla Calipha, but not leaving—and then they discover that they themselves cannot leave, because the bay’s exit magically redirects traffic back into itself! The PCs come to realize that Isla Calipha’s management are very bad people, and after disabling the magical device that prevents ships from leaving the bay, the PCs bring down the current leader before they make their escape.



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