Feed the Dead

aka "The (first) one where PvP broke out"

Episodes 20–27 presented our Hallowe’en 2008 adventure, “Feed the Dead,” which we actually played on November 15, 2008. On the night we played our previous adventure, “The Book of L’aif,” the player who ran the rogue Alanso Heslock was absent, so inside the story, Alanso remained behind when the other PCs went to the Karnathi village and then on to the temple of L’aif. At the beginning of “Feed the Dead,” the other PCs learn that Alanso snuck aboard Urlglar’s ship during their absence, that he overheard some of the crew talking about going to a village called Perbendarahaan, and that he planted a corrosive device in the hold of Urlglar’s ship. As the Broken Promise sailed toward Perbendarahaan, they passed the remains of Urlglar’s ship, floating uselessly on the sea with no signs of life. Upon arriving in the village of Perbendarahaan, the PCs participated in a holiday festival that involved symbolically feeding the dead by laying out baskets of food in the local cemetery. Later, as the PCs tried to get some sleep in the square, the symbol became reality as they found themselves attacked by a seemingly endless horde of zombies. Fleeing into the city’s sewers, the PCs spent the night battling gelatinous cubes, otyughs, alligators, and yet stranger beasts. Upon returning to the surface, the PCs surprised me by fighting amongst themselves and then attacking some of the locals, resulting in the death of the sheriff and leaving the paladin Jacques unconscious in the villagers’ care while the PCs, banned from the city, returned to the Broken Promise. I had intended for the PCs to visit this island, have a zombie-themed adventure, then go somewhere else … but they ended up staying on this island for the next three adventures.



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