Desert of Desolation

Defeat of the ghosts & looting the Sundered Oath

The campaign continued on September 26, 2009, with an adventure that I named “Desert of Desolation” as an homage to the miniatures set and to the older series of classic modules. After a short period of negotiations, the ghostly crew of the Sundered Oath saw through Lithian’s bluff, and resumed hostilities against the crew of the Broken Promise, seeking to take over the adventurers’ bodies through a form of possession. The PCs were ultimately successful in resisting the spirits, and after vanquishing their undead foes, the PCs searched the ancient ship for clues to its own mission and fate. The PCs then continued their westward trek into the Taworri Desert, eventually finding themselves trapped between a deep rift on the west, a sandstorm approaching from the east, and gangs of toughskin raiders approaching from north and south.



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