A Rite Most Foul

spoiler: turns out everbody's a cultist!

At the end of our previous adventure, Jacques de Villaret lay unconscious in the streets of Perbendarahaan, while the other PCs returned to the Broken Promise. In our adventure “A Rite Most Foul,” recorded on November 29, 2008 and presented in podcast episodes 28 through 36, Jacques’s shipmates learn from the Maepkang, a group of tribesmen indigenous to the island, that the village of Perbendarahaan had been established relatively recently by mysterious outlanders who were digging beneath their city to find some sort of ancient temple dedicated to dark gods. As the PCs dined with the Maepkang elders, word came from the Maepkang’s monkey spies that the villagers had finally broken through into the temple complex, and that they planned to sacrifice Jacques to an ancient evil at the stroke of the next day’s midnight! The Maepkang showed the PCs a mysterious door, inscribed with what looked like a mind flayer’s head, which they believed might provide an alternative route into the underground complex. In fact, the complex was much bigger than anyone supposed, comprising an entire underground city. The PCs survived two ambushes from extradimensional and undead creatures with some sort of interest in the underground city and managed to rescue Jacques from the cultists of Perbendarahaan. Meanwhile, Maepkang warriors captured the village on the surface, and confined its populace within a hastily-constructed barricade.



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