Urlglar's Gang

History with the Party

First Encounter on Karnathi

Urlglar the Vicious is a bugbear pirate captain who is head of a goblinoid pirate fleet. The party first encountered Urlglar’s gang in the Adventure The Book of L’aif. While approaching the island of Karnathi, the PCs noticed a ship with a goblinoid crew moored at a dock. As the PCs approached the dock, they were told they couldn’t stop there by the crew of the goblin ship. A fight erupted between the crews from which the PCs emerged victorious.

The party (minus Alanso) went ashore to investigate the pacifists’ settlement, where they found Urlglar taking advantage of the L’aif devotees. Urlglar was apparently interested in recovering the armor and weapons of the former warrior L’aif, though his efforts had not met with success. The PCs and Urlglar clashed, chasing away the Bugbear captain and his (slightly diminished) crew.

Urlglar’s Ship Sabotaged

While the rest of the party was on Karnathi, Alanso saw a second ship with a goblin crew arrive at the dock, then sabotaged that ship with the corrosive device originally meant to sink the Broken Promise. As the party sailed from Karnathi to Perbendarahaan, they passed the wreckage of Urlglar’s ship and saw no signs of life.

Conflicts in Scalabar

In the city of Scalabar on the island continent of Karvahl The PCs were hired by the Kroola to find a map stolen from them by Urlglar’s gang. After gathering info in town, the PCs created a diversion, then sneaked aboard what they believed to be Urlglar’s flagship. They scuttled the ship and absconded with a locked box. Upon opening the box, they realized that they had not sunk Urlglar’s flagship (Headreaver), but the Wavegouger captained by Urlglar’s chief underboss Gnash.

Surprises in Markathesh
Shadowgate Battle

Gang Outline

Name Pic Position Details Last Encountered Misc. Details
Urlglar the Vicious Head Boss, Pirate-King

Urlglar's Gang

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