Untitled Delve

Jason’s Notes

  • Clark Ash-Ton
    • Tomb in Lemuria that Dr. Bildoop led us to
    • Tomb: 8′×8′ & Ornate, 1/2 smashed, 1 skeleton in priestly(?) robes
    • Billdoop: “The Great High Priest”
    • lived millennia(??) ago in Lemuria
  • Portal Puzzle
    • three movable rings
    • multiple elvish letters on each ring but middle (just one letter)
    • handprint in each radius of stone: tree, eye, sun, moon
    • can spell “cross,” “leave,” “mayonnaise,” or some exotic bird’s name


  • Prisoners
    • male dwarf, important(?), FREED
    • male human, FREED
    • female human, FREED
    • female plant-like humanoid, mouthy, left in cell

Untitled Delve

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