Quest Overview

Our Quest

“Keep the Promise” – Gretchen Van Fleet

Our quest is to find the Holy Gr-I mean: assemble the six pieces of the Godslayer Shard to power the Ritual of Repulsion which is inscribed on the Book of Life in order to save the world from the encroaching return of the Elder Gods called the Great Old Ones. We ought also “keep the Promise” and save our home city of Stormhaven as Gretchen Van Fleet charged us.


Book of Life

The Necronomicon reads: ‘’…As for the Zoënomicon, this Nyarlahotep secreted in the place where the Old Ones’ power still remains strongest, in the vaults of unknown Kadath.’’

If Kadath is “where the Old Ones’ power still remains strongest,” must it be in the Far Realm? Why are there vaults there? If Kadath is “unknown,” why does it have a name?

Godslayer Shard

“The gods of the Astral Sea devised a powerful ritual capable of binding and subduing even an Elder God of the Far Realm, but the ritual required the focus and power of the Godslayer Shard, a powerful talisman crafted by the primordials from a fusion of air, earth, fire, water, shadow, and aether.” – The Book of Death

According to the Necronomicon, after the Godslayer Shard was used in the true Dawn War by the gods and primordials against the Great Old Ones, it was stolen by the Great Old One Nyarlahotep. He dismantled the Shard into its six constituent parts and hid these throughout the cosmos. Furthermore, the Necronomicon says the Shard “could only be reunited at the forge used by the primordial Haemnathuun himself at the bottom of the Keening Delve.”

Shard Piece Attained Details
Air no ?
Earth yes Recovered from mind flayers in “Out of the Blue”
Fire yes Recovered in Feywild from crystal chandelier
Water yes Was taken by Gnash in “Common Cause,” recovered in icy realm on Broken Promise
Shadow yes Recovered from the Tomb of Yig outside the Nameless City in the Shadowfell
Aether no possibly in the Astral Sea?

Location Clues

  • N’kai is likely the name of the location at which a Shard Piece is located in the material world (GM note: this was in the lowest depths of the Underdark, Torog’s lair)
  • Olathoë is likely the name of the location at which a Shard Piece is located in the Feywild

Quest Overview

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