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Welcome to Stormhaven!

Well, perhaps it’s more accurate to say “Welcome to the Stormhaven campaign,” because the PCs haven’t been in Stormhaven since the end of the very first session. Stormhaven is the PCs’ home town—which got invaded by strange froglike humanoids, flying fungi, and huge tentacles just before the calendar flipped over to the year 678, as Havenites (citizens of Stormhaven) reckon the years. Our heroes were teleported by a powerful wizard to the other side of the world, where the PCs are now on a quest to save the world!

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Adventure Pages

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  1. The End Is the Beginning
  2. The Wellspring
  3. Isla Calipha
  4. The Book of L’aif
  5. Feed the Dead
  6. A Rite Most Foul
  7. Microcosm
  8. The Doom of Sarnath
  9. City of the Pirate Kings
  10. Clash with the Pirate Kings
  11. Escape from the Pirate Kings
  12. The Sands of Time
  13. Desert of Desolation
  14. Enter the Dragon
  15. What Lay Beneath
  16. Exit the Dragon
  17. Keeping the Promise
  18. Well Met in Markathesh
  19. The Valley of the Shadow of Death
  20. The Nameless City
  21. The Winds of Change
  22. Into the Underdark
  23. Sheerdrop Landing
  24. The Forgotten Forge
  25. Revelations
  26. Errand of Mercy
  27. A Sort of Homecoming
  28. Kiss of The Spider-Woman
  29. Fathoms Below
  30. The Tomb
  31. In the Vault
  32. From Beyond
  33. The Horror from the Hills
  34. Cold Air
  35. The Road to Madness
  36. At the Mountains of Madness
  37. Beyond the Mountains of Madness

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