Bryndlgore - Artifact Weapon - Paragon Tier

This mordenkrad bears symbols and runes clearly demonstrating its devotion to Moradin.

weapon (melee)

Bryndlgore is a magic mordenkrad (Adventurer’s Vault, p. 9) with the following properties and powers.
Enhancement: +3 to attack and damage rolls.
Critical: +3D6 damage or +3D10 damage against aberrant creatures.
Property: You can throw Bryndlgore as a heavy thrown weapon (5/10). It returns to your hand after being thrown as normal for a magic thrown weapon.
Property: If you worship Moradin, you can use this weapon as a holy symbol. It adds its enhancement bonus(but not its proficiency bonus) to attack and damage rolls when used in this manner.

Power (Daily)- Holy Blastwave: Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. Make a secondary attack: Area burst 2 centered on the creature you hit, targets enemies only. STR or CON + enhancement bonus vs. Fortitude. On a hit, target takes 2D6 + CON mod damage and is knocked prone. This secondary attack does not provoke opportunity attacks.

Starting Score – 5
Owner gains a level – +1D10
Owner worships Moradin – +5
Owner kills an aberrant creature (max 1/day) – +1
Owner declines to attack an aberrant creature when given the chance (max 1/day) – -1
Owner attacks a creature that worships Moradin (1/encounter) – -2
Owner is an aberrant creature – -4

Concordance Levels
PLEASED (16-20)
“In Moradin’s name, I will ri the world of these befoulments from beyond.” Bryndlgore and its bearer are fully aligned, working together to rid the cosmos of aberrant creatures.
Enhancement: +4 to attack and damage rolls.
Critical: +4D6 damage or +4D10 damage against aberrant creatures.
Property: When you use Bryndlgore to attack an aberrant creature, treat the weapon as Brutal 2 instead of Brutal 1.

Power (Daily) – Forceful Consecration: Free Action. Use this power when you hit an enemy with Bryndlgore. The enemy is knocked prone. That enemy’s space and all squares adjacent to it crack and fracture into sanctified rubble, becoming difficult terrain. You and your allies can move through this terrain at normal speed.

“The Hammer-Father smiles on me.” Bryndlgore is content with its wielder but believes that he or she could make greater efforts toward its goals.
Property: While wielding Bryndlgore, aberrant creatures cannot gain combat advantage against you.

Power (Daily) – Moradin’s Saving Grace: Standard Action. If you worship Moradin, you can touch a dying creature and spend a healing surge. You regain no hitpoints, but the dying creature regains hit points as if it had spent two healing surges + your CON mod.

“Bryndlgore demands that I worship Moradin and rid the world of aberrations.” Bryndlgore awaits the wielder to prove amenable to aiding its goals.

“The hammer is displeased with me and its anger grows.” The wielder is making no effort to purge the cosmos of abberant stains. Bryndlgore has all but decided that it must find a new owner unless something swiftly changes.
Special: You do not gain Bryndlgore’s benefits against combat advantage when facing aberrant creatures.

ANGERED (0 or Lower)
“Moradin frowns on me, and expresses his anger through the hammer.” Bryndlgore despairs of its wielder and will soon take its leave.
Enhancement: The artifact enhancement becomes +2.
Critical: +2D6 damage or +2D10 damage against aberrant creatures.
Special: Bryndlgore’s daily power becomes an area burst 1 instead of area burst 2.


Created by Moradin and issued to Alard for use against the Old Ones, Bryndlgore fell into a sad state as it became unsatisfied with Alard when he was disabled and buried beneath the sands in Karvhal. Recently re-vitalized by Moradin’s will in the same forge Alard was re-initalized in, Bryndlgore seeks to fulfill Moradin’s purposes in the coming war with the aberrant forces of the Old Ones.

Bryndlgore - Artifact Weapon - Paragon Tier

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