Gretchen VanFleet

Stormhaven's most powerful wizard with mega-teleporting mojo


At the beginning of the campaign, Gretchen Van Fleet was Stormhaven’s most powerful wizard, leader of the Black Crown wizards, the city’s not-a-guild association of wizards. The people of Stormhaven used to whisper that she was hundreds of years old. She was almost never seen in public without her robe of eyes and her octopus gauntlet. On the night that Stormhaven was attacked by mysterious creatures from the sea, Gretchen teleported herself and the paladin Jacques de Villaret to the Broken Promise, and then she teleported the Broken Promise halfway around the world! Before she was swept into the sea by mysterious pink fungal creatures who had been teleported along with the ship, Gretchen urged the crew to “keep the promise” (or was that “keep the _Promise_”?) and to find the Book of Life in a place whose name starts with the syllable /kǝ/.

Since then, the PCs have spotted Gretchen on a few occasions, but have not been able to make contact with her.

Note: Like the city of Stormhaven and the Broken Promise, the character of Gretchen VanFleet was taken pretty directly from the Mongoose supplement Stormhaven: City of a Thousand Seas (Mongoose, 2002), released as open game content.

Gretchen VanFleet

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