What Lay Beneath

Berrian goes crazy and the PCs examine the dragon's crypt

Since February 20, 2010 would be Josh Brown’s last session with us before moving to another state, our adventure that night, “What Lay Beneath” focused on the fate of the two characters he’d run during the campaign. Back in the halfling village of Attunga, the comatose Berrian awoke and, driven to madness by his encounters with the Necronomicon, proceeded to torch the village with his fire-oriented magic. Attunga’s heroes failed to stop Berrian’s rampage. Meanwhile, back at the dragon’s lair, the PCs negotiated with the dragon to bury their dead comrade, the dragonborn sorcerer Kitaru, in a cavern beneath the dragon’s lair. When the PCs went down ahead of the dragon to reconnoiter the cavern, they tripped a magical trigger that activated two zombie cyclopses and two arbalesters, which attempted unsuccessfully to repel the PCs’ “invasion” of the cavern. Appearing immediately as combat ended, the brown dragon claimed to find our heroes “entertaining.”



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