Well Met in Markathesh

Preparing for the shadow-crossing

We played the last game before our Summer 2010 break on May 15, 2010, and presented it in episodes 92 through 95 of the podcast. In part 1 of this adventure, the crew interrogated the three captive pirates, gaining some insight into the relationships between Gnash and his own crew, but limited information about Gnash’s current plan and whereabouts. In part 2, Tyria and Lithian arranged passage for their prisoners to a port where a rich bounty lay waiting, while Zebith and S3rv0 visited the local library in search of more information about the possible significance of the structure in the desert. In part 3, the PCs arranged to hire mounts and buy provisions from local outfitter Godfrey Morgan, Tyria visited city hall and chatted with the Lord High Mayor Elihu Whipple, and Zebith and Lithian visited Father Jerome Murphy at the local temple of Ioun. In part 4, Zebith and Lithian finished their conversation with Father Murphy, learning more about the standard view of D&D cosmology and about travel between the planes. They then invited Father Murphy out to the Broken Promise for dinner, during which S3rv0 delved deeper into his own past. As the episode ended, the PCs headed back into the Taworri Desert, intending to confront Captain Gnash and the mystery of the strange stone structure they had brief examined back in episode 86.



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