The Valley of the Shadow of Death

Fighting globinoid pirates and undead shadowgate gaurdians, respectively

Our group played “The Valley of the Shadow of Death” on August 14, 2010, and presented it in episodes 96–100 of the podcast. In part 1 of this adventure, the PCs launched an assault on Gnash’s desert camp, beginning with a well-coordinated ranged attack from the bluff above and a miniature stampede of Gnash’s pack animals through the camp. Our heroes’ battle against Gnash and his crew continued into part 2. In part 3, the PCs achieved victory over Gnash and his comrades, and the turned their attention to the Shadowgate. Their attempts to place the structure’s five movable runic blocks into the appropriate positions and orientations failed, summoning the portal’s four undead guardians. When the guardians ordered the PCs to leave, S3rv0’s persistence in manipulating the runic blocks provoked the guardians to attack. Part 4 began with one guardian’s initial attack against S3rv0, and then presented the first hour of the ensuing combat beween the PCs and the Shadowgate’s guardians. Part 5 carried the battle to its conclusion, resulting in victory for the PCs.



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