The Sands of Time

Dream sequence scares everybody; Then the PCs find a sister ship with a ghost crew (literally)

We played “The Sands of Time” on August 29, 2009, and presented it in episodes 64–69 of the podcast. Our heroes set out from the halfling village of Attunga into the Taworri Desert, in search of ancient ruins. Their course took them into a pass between two mesas, where they were ambushed and slaughtered by a trio of mind flayers riding beholders! This experience turned out to be a dream, but when the PCs set out on their real journey into the Taworri Desert, they found themselves traveling through a pass identical to that in Jacques’ dream. At the far end of that pass, the PCs found a sailing ship called the Sundered Oath, half-buried in the desert sand, and naturally they got involved in a fight with the ghostly crew of the Sundered Oath—who bore uncanny resemblances to the PCs themselves. The adventure ended just as Lithian, with a well-timed bluff, managed to bring the fighting to a halt.



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