The Nameless City

An excursion to the Shadowfell

Our heroes plunged through the Shadowgate in our August 28, 2010 adventure, entitled “The Nameless City” and presented in podcast episodes 101–105. In part 1, the PCs planned their investigation and made their first foray into the nameless city itself. Part 2 presented the battle in which the adventurers defended themselves against their beasts of burden, domesticated catoblepases that apparently reverted to an almost feral state due to the Shadowfell’s necrotic energies. In Part 3, the PCs investigated a series of three cramped caves found in the low cliff curving along the southwestern edge of the valley in which the nameless city stood. Beneath one cavern, the PCs discovered a low tunnel in which a series of short glass cases held the mummified bodies of short, barely-describable creatures facing, on the opposite wall, a mural depicting the nameless city’s history from its establishment by these creatures to its destruction at the hands of a warforged army. In part 4, the adventurers delved deeper underground, finding themselves in a chamber filled with dormant snakes and, floating high above them, one of the six sundered pieces of the Godslayer Shard! Through a feat of acrobatic derring-do, the PCs recovered the sliver. In so doing, however, they apparently awakened Yig, the Father of Serpents, from his deathless sleep. In part 5, the PCs—realizing that Yig was much stronger than them—fled from the nameless city and back into their own world. Once back, the PCs went back to the dragon’s lair to loot her hoard, and then returned to Markathesh, intending to set sail shortly thereafter.



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