The Doom of Sarnath

or "The one where we [freed an angel who] sunk an island"

Our adventure “The Doom of Sarnath,” recorded on February 6 and 21, 2009, appears in episodes 43–48, the PCs continued their exploration of the microcosm cavern by jumping over to the Shadowfell analogue. Naturally, the PCs failed to give the appropriate countersign to the island’s undead guardian, so a fight ensued. Thereafter, the PCs found another stone, this one inscribed with the words “The Tomb of Yig.” By studying the Necronomicon further, the PCs learned that everything they thought they knew about the origins of their world—the standard D&D 4e Dawn War mythology—was wrong. The gods and primordials had not fought one another at the beginning of the world; rather, the gods and the primordials had banded together to oppose entities that the Necronomicon’s author, Abdul Al-Hazred, characterized as the Great Old Ones. The gods and primordials together succeeded in driving most of these Great Old Ones back to the Far Realm by composing the Ritual of Repulsion, recorded on a scroll that came to be known as the Zoënomicon, and by forging an artifact called the Godslayer Shard to power the ritual. Some of the Great Old Ones or their servitors, however, managed to shatter the Godslayer Shard into six pieces. The pieces themselves were indestructible, but the Old Ones’ servitors hid them around the world before the gods and primordials won their final victory. According to Al-Hazred, some of the Great Old Ones still reside in the material world, sleeping beneath desert sands or at the bottom of the sea, waiting for the day when the stars will realign, reawakening the Great Old Ones in the material world, who can then open the gate for their companions to return from the Far Realm and once again dominate not only the material world, but the astral sea and elemental chaos as well.

After leaving the microcosm cavern and exploring the city further, the PCs found the city mostly to be abandoned, though a hive of hungry kruthiks—which Lithian had heard scrabbling around in their tunnels, mistaking them for rats in the walls—did ambush the PCs. In a large fortress complex, however, the PCs made another startling discovery. Although most of the prisoners had long since died or been taken away, one remained: the angel Vrandelia, an exarch of Io and a combatant in the true dawn war. Years of isolation had driven Vrandelia insane, though she managed to give the PCs some valuable information and a few magic items. Jacques managed to free the angel’s spirit from its tether to the remains of her body, upon which Vrandelia immediately began destroying the city, bringing it down around the PCs! Most of the PCs managed to make it back to the surface, but Dra’kith, the Dragonborn Warlord, was buried in the rubble.



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