back to Forgehome, onward to Malbrathir

On the way back to the dragon’s plateau there was a room in which all the PCs were apparently teleported to different locations for a few moments before returning to the room. I’ll mention two of the most interesting: Tyria was transported back to Forgehome and overheard a back-alley conversation between a dwarf and an elf (or drow?), concerning ill-will toward a certain group (which we quickly assumed meant us). Also, Lithian was transported to a bazaar where he saw Gretchen van Fleet.

While considering how to best approach the dragon’s plateau, a gnome waved the party over to a cave in the side of the cliff, and claimed there was a tunnel which ended near the tunnel we used originally to enter the area. This was a trap, but after we killed one creature in the cave the gnome ran away to alert the dragon.

We quickly climbed up to the top of the plateau, where we discovered that, in the presence of the red fungal light in that section of the Underdark, a short rest takes 15 minutes and you can only spend one healing surge (but we still made it before the dragon arrived). The dragon had it out for Zebith, so we got him to the exit as the party gradually moved that way. We stacked a bunch of conditions on the dragon early on and after about 4 rounds (I think) she surrendered, which we did not accept. We continued to fight while the dragon attempted to fly away, and was eventually slain by one of the 4 attacks of opportunity against it. Alard bagged the dragon’s head as a trophy. There was nothing of interest in the ruined city and we couldn’t find the dragon’s lair, which we assumed was in one of the caves in the walls, though these were virtually inaccessible without flying.

Fast forward back to Hammerfast, where we found Berrian in the Arcane Star, lounging around with the Necronomicon, talking about arcana with the two tieflings and a humanoid who appeared to be made of crystal. Berrian seemed to be back to full mental capacity and aligned again with our cause, though still protective of the book. The crystal-man (Tim’s new character) identified himself as “Tailor,” a name assumed from his chosen profession of tailoring. I’m still unclear on Tailor’s race name and class, but basically he’s a psionic controller. I’d ask Tim or Chris for the details about Tailor’s history, and the new revelation from the Book of Death. Oh yes, Berrian has discovered some new information in the Book, concerning the names of a few Great Old Ones, more history of the material realm, and an underwater city where a piece of the Godslayer Shard is located. The finding we focused on was Yug’sukkoth (best guess on the spelling), whose name had come up earlier in the campaign when one of our dwarf companions was driven insane (in the teleportation room).

We brought the Promise down to Forgehome, but ended up taking passage on another boat to Malbrathir (again, best guess on the spelling), which is apparently on the way to [not even going to try to write Coralina’s city]. On the way we saved a drow female from a crocodile and brought her back to Maelbrathyr. We ended the session right when we learned that a slave-trading festival is currently taking place in Maelbrathyr.



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