A trip to the library quickly becomes death-defying platform-leaping

After a long break for the 2008 holiday season, our campaign resumed on January 19, 2009 with “Microcosm,” which aired in podcast episodes 37–42. Exploring the ancient city beneath Perbendarahaan, the PCs chanced upon a mysterious cavern that mirrored the shape of the standard D&D 4e cosmos, with three levitating islands representing the Feywild, the Natural World, and the Shadowfell. On the Feywild rock, the PCs failed to respond properly to a challenge posed by a dryad inexplicably living there, though they managed to defeat the dryad and her myconid companions who apparently defended that platform from unauthorized visitors. Upon searching the island, the PCs found a small stone inscribed with the name “Olathoë.” On the Natural World’s analog in the microcosm cavern, the PCs faced some homunculi guarding a stone gazebo, and found a stone inscribed with the name “N’kai” as well as an eldritch book that turned out to be the campaign world’s version of the Necronomicon, or Book of Death! This book holds vital clues to the whereabouts of its opposite number, the Zoënomicon or Book of Life, the object of the PCs’ overarching quest.



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