Kiss of The Spider-Woman

discovering Torog and the true nature of the Godslayer Shard

Podcast Release Notes

From Icosahedrophilia:

  • Part 1: “Our heroes conclude their business in Erelhei-Cinlu and travel, under Lolth’s guidance, to the deepest reaches of the Underdark in search of Torog.”
  • Part 2: “Our heroes enter Torog’s torture den, finding it somewhat inhospitable to visitors.”
  • Part 3: “Our heroes plunge further into Torog’s entry halls, encountering more fiendish traps along the way.”
  • Part 4: “The PCs press deeper into Torog’s complex, finally reaching the inner sanctum—and encountering resistance from an unexpected “doorman”!”
  • Part 5: “The fight that broke out in the previous episode continues, and more of the denizens of the inner complex get in on the act.”
  • Part 6: “Our heroes get their first look at the mind flayers’ victim, as the fighting spills over into another room of Torog’s torture den.”
  • Part 7: “The PCs learn the identity of the illithids’ torture victim, gain additional insight into the true Dawn War and the nature of the godslayer shard, and beat a hasty retreat from Torog’s torture den!”

Adventure Notes

  • [PCs’ notes]



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