Keeping the Promise

For the first time, a plan works!

Episodes 87 through 91 of the podcast present our adventure “Keeping the Promise,” which we played on April 24, 2010. We began the session by rewinding a bit to the PCs’ arrival in Markathesh, before their discovery of the Broken Promise in Markathesh harbor, apparently crewed by goblinoid pirates. After acquainting themselves with the town and some of its citizens, the PCs made their way to the harbor and “caught up” with the cliffhanger from episode 86. Biding their time, the PCs gathered information about town regarding their ship and its current bugbear crew, eventually devising a plan for a multifaceted assault on the Broken Promise. Their plan worked spectacularly, and the PCs skillfully executed the retaking of the Promise—and captured several prisoners, including Pog, the goblin navigator, Crunglutch, the bugbear first mate, and Fecar the Unclean, a hobgoblin “troubleshooter” in Gnash’s employ.



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