Exit the Dragon

a dead dragon, a female drow, and a star gate

On April 3, 2010, our group reconvened to play “Exit the Dragon.” After their clash with the unliving guardians of the burial cavern beneath the brown dragon’s lair, our heroes spent some more time exploring the cavern and the complex above it, finding several magical items and a few valuable mundane treasures. When the originally-scheduled time came for Kitaru’s burial, Tyria provoked the dragon into a rage, triggering combat. With surprising ease, the PCs dispatched the dragon, then went in search of Actassi. They found their friend dead in the dragon’s larder. The drow cook, Kora-lee-na’a, revealed the dragon’s actual name, Joulayanith, but was unable to give the adventurers very much useful information. In search of next steps, the PCs decided to head for the port city of Markathesh on Karvahl’s Western coast. Along the way, they noticed a strange structure in the desert, resembling a large circle rising from the desert. Deciding to defer further investigation of the structure until they had a chance to regroup and resupply, the party continued on to Markathesh—where they spotted their ship, the Broken Promise, moored in the harbor, crewed by bugbears!



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