Escape from the Pirate Kings

getting out of Dodge, falling in with the halflings

We resumed our adventure with the third installment of the “Pirate Kings” trilogy, recorded on August 8, 2009. Realizing that killing several members of the town guard would make them persona non grata in Scalabar, the adventurers hired on as guards for a caravan of halfling merchants who were headed to their home in the Taworri Desert, inland, away from Scalabar. During the journey, the PCs stayed a night or two at an inn called the Last Watering Hole, where their conversations with a dissolute old archaeologist turned hunting guide, Silas Quartermoon, gave the PCs reason to believe that some elements of their overall quest to find the Book of Life, reassemble the Godslayer Shard, and repel the Great Old Ones might lie hidden out in Karvahl’s desert wastes. During a stopover between the Last Watering Hole and the halfling village of Attunga, though, Berrian experienced some sort of trauma that left him catatonic. As the halflings feared, they were beset by a pack of gnoll bandits—landlubbing pirates, if you will—but the PCs managed to protect the caravan and see it safely to Attunga.



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