Errand of Mercy

The Bleak Carnival: Jacques dies, Alard finds god(s), and the party splits

Pre-Meeting Info

The crew of the Broken Promise, with new friend Tailer along, has arrived in Maelbrathyr on the way to escort Koralina’a and now Houndrari’ia (the drow you rescued from the huge crocodile) back to their home in Erelhei-Cinlu. You’ve arrived just in time for the Bleak Carnival, the Underdark’s finest annual slave market! You’ll need to gain passage through Maelbrathyr and then make your way across the sea below (which probably means hiring a boat) to get to Erelhei-Cinlu.

Adventure Notes

Oliver Piggot: introduced the party to Maelbrathyr (Mael.) and the Bleak Carnival (BC).

Torog: insane god who carved the Underdark

  • Torog pulled the entire city of Mael. into the Underdark
  • This is also responsible for the current 4-tier structure of the city


  • four tiers (-often referred to generally as “the shallows” and “the deeps”-)
  • The Bleak Carnival
    • different merch on different tiers, top to bottom:
    • Tier 1: the dock, beasts, arms
    • Tier 2: mercenaries and slaves
    • Tier 3: Magical Items
    • Tier 4: The most curious and rare pieces
  • The PCs arrived at “night” and decided to sleep at an inn near the dock

ENCOUNTER: Purple Worm

In the middle of the night, a purple worm came crashing down to Mael. along with the Broken Promise (helped along by Berrian casting Summon Winds). The PCs defeated the worm, but not before Jacques was killed in the battle. His body was recovered and is currently being held by the party (on the ship or at the inn?).

Maelbrathyr Day 2

The PCs shopped around at the Bleak Carnival.

Alanso gleaned the following information:

  • Erelhei-Cinlu contains four districts, referred to as “ghettos.” Non-Drow can move throughout the city during the daytime, however non-drow and non-citizens must stay in the “foreigners” ghetto at night.
  • House of Aleval (Koralina’a’s House)
    • One of 8 ruling houses in Mael.
    • Matron Mother: Ana’Shrinarrean
    • most diplomatic/political
    • apt to hold non-drow relations
    • Other houses dislike them (probably b/c of previous)
    • Kora’s family probably left originally on a diplomatic mission to form an alliance or trade route
    • According to Kora, “the incunabala know everything”
  • N’kai
    • An ancient name for the deepest part of the Underdark, aka “The Deeps”
    • Blue lichen becomes red as you go deeper, which gives way to total darkness in The Deeps
  • An emerald city under water
    • Torog cast Mael. into the Underdark, and a portion of the city was flooded

Hannault Thrayban: head of the Transportation Wizard’s Guild, whose house is on the second tier
The PCs (well, Alard, Tyria, and Alanso) visited Threyban’s house to find him assaulted in his sleep by ghosts. The heroes (eventually) figured out how to drive away the threat using the runes in Thrayban’s house. For saving him, Thrayban granted the PCs free passage for the Broken Promise.



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