Enter the Dragon

Stuck between a sandstorm, monsters, a chasm, and a dragon

After a gap stemming from my overcommitment to too many different projects, we resumed the Stormhaven campaign on January 16, 2010, with an adventure called “Enter the Dragon.” Our heroes, still trapped between a rift on the west and a sandstorm on east, were attacked by the toughskin raiders approaching from north and south. This long and complex combat encounter became even more interesting when actassi leapt down into the ravine, only to come face-to-face with a brown dragon! When the dragon questioned the PCs about their intentions, Tyria revealed that the PCs were in that part of the desert seeking the “Tomb of Yig,” whereupon the dragon identified itself as Yig, very much alive and in no need of a tomb! The dragon then flew off to its lair, with Actassi in its claws and the rest of the PCs following behind.



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