Clash with the Pirate Kings

Our heroes sunk the wrong ship and Lithian issues an Arrow of Friendship

On June 5, 2009, we recorded the second adventure in what you might come to think of as our “Scalabar Trilogy.” Episodes 54–59 present that adventure, “Clash with the Pirate Kings.” The adventure began with the PCs still aboard a bugbear pirate ship moored in Scalabar harbor. Thinking it to be Urlglar’s flagship, the PCs searched the ship, trying to find the map that Urlglar’s rival, Kap’n Kruncha, believed Urlglar’s men had stolen from his own flunky, Old Sharkey. The adventurers did not find the treasure map, but they did liberate some loot and one captive, a Asiatic-looking elf who remained comatose through the entire encounter.

Just as the PCs were ready to abandon the pirate ship, the Research Unit of the QWRTH Institute, whom the PCs had met back in the adventure “Feed the Dead,” stepped out of a mystic portal. This time, however, it appeared to be in great distress, and was being pursued by a pack of fell taints. The appearance of the Research Unit and the fell taints ignited another battle which raged around the adventurers while they tried to escape from the boat they had set aflame.

Separated from their newest ally, S3rv0, the crew of the Broken Promise and their hired guide Zebith made land and hid overnight in the woods outside Scalabar. Upon examining the loot they had taken from the pirate ship, they learned that they had scuttled not Urlglar’s ship the Wavegouger, as they had hoped, but the Headreaver, commanded by his chief underboss, Captain Gnash. Meanwhile, Scalabar had gone into “lockdown” mode as soon as pirate-on-pirate violence was suspected. While attempting to make contact with a group of indigenous caravaners, the PCs ignited a conflict among themselves that spread to a fight against a group of Scalabar guardsmen. This adventure ended with four such guardsmen lying dead on the road to scalabar, about a mile from town—the last of whom managed to blow out a warning call on his horn before expiring.



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