A Sort of Homecoming

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Podcast Release Notes

From Icosahedrophilia: “Our heroes conclude their business in Maelbrathyr and make ready to sail for Erelhei-Cinlu, intending to see Koralina’a safely home. The crew welcomes a new addition, the half-dwarven (mul) runepriest Bost, and learns that dead men do tell tales.” The Broken Promise finally arrives in Erelhei-Cinlu so that our heroes can fulfill their vow to deliver Koralina’a safely to her matron mother’s manse. Upon so doing, the crew learns of some strange happenings at the city’s central temple, the Fane of Lolth.

Adventure Notes

  • blue lichen changes to red lichen in Mael.
  • Houndrare’i’a (sp?) (“H.”)
    • H. spotted by Tyria’s guttersnipe
    • kills drow male slave in pits
    • of House Godeep in Erelhei-Cinlu (EC)
      • clan involved in slave trade
      • clans are constantly fighting, no one knows if Godeep is at war w/ anyone else
    • H. perhaps involved in slave trade?
  • Tyria talks to H.
    • H. agreed to pay 200gp for passage and discretion
  • Slave trader Kazoo
    • middle-aged
    • about the dead male drow: injured adventurer, found him unconscious in a field of fungus
    • “are you going to set him free? Are you from his matron mother?”
  • Bost (Matt’s new PC)
    • half-dwarven (mul) Runepriest
    • supernal runes tattooed on his hands
  • Bost explains
    • has to find Ta’rog; came into the world for that purpose (?)
    • Ta’rog cursed Mael; a curse so strong it apparently can bind the gods (why the aspects of Moradin and Bahamut cannot escape)
    • Bost went on foolhearty quest, inspired by the gods, and was captured by the slave traders


  1. Lolth
  2. Melora
  3. Corellon
  4. Moradin
  5. Bahamut


  • Large cavern; “The Vault”
  • “pitchy flow” – a river that divides the city
  • walled city
  • south gate – non-drow entrance
  • port is north of town
  • Outsiders must wear green cloaks (provided)
  • EC House Symbols
    • Aleyval (Kora’s) – golden magic wand
    • Godeep – platinum crossbow
    • Incunabala
      • a race who live in the deep underdark who are obsessed with knowledge
      • acc. to Koralin’a’a “they’re everywhere, they know everything”

    At Erelhei-Cinlu

    • met Ana’shri
    • met Elia-mitra – female dross priestess of Lolth
      • no one can enter the Fane (temple courtyard)
      • for two days, no one has returned from the Fane

    Alanso – feystep lacings

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