Welcome to Stormhaven!

Well, perhaps it’s more accurate to say “Welcome to the Stormhaven campaign,” because the PCs haven’t been in Stormhaven since the end of the very first session. Stormhaven is the PCs’ home town—which got invaded by strange froglike humanoids, flying fungi, and huge tentacles just before the calendar flipped over to the year 678, as Havenites (citizens of Stormhaven) reckon the years. Our heroes were teleported by a powerful wizard to the other side of the world, where the PCs are now on a quest to save the world!

Our heroes have learned that their world is threatened by the return or, in some cases, merely the revivification of the “Great Old Ones,” a powerful race of Far Realm entities that once dominated this world when the intelligent species of the world were still in their collective infancy. At the beginning of historical time in the PCs’ world, the gods of the Astral Sea and the primordials of the Elemental Chaos banded together to drive away the Great Old Ones. Using their “ultimate weapon,” the ritual of repulsion powered by divine energies channeled through the primordial-crafted godslayer shard, the gods and primordials were able to expel most of the Great Old Ones from the PCs’ cosmos. A few of the lesser Great Old Ones, however, remained in this world, buried beneath sand and wave, waiting in an eternal deathless sleep for their greater and more terrible kinfolk to return and devastate the world once more. Although they lie sleeping, their dreams are so powerful that even the gods and the primordials themselves, not to mention the world’s mortal races, mistakenly think that the gods and primordials fought against each other in the Dawn War rather than banding together against a common enemy.

Before the Great Old Ones’ retreat to the Far Realm, one of their number was able to sunder the godslayer shard into six pieces, which the Old Ones’ servitors hid in various locations around the cosmos. The Zoënomicon or Book of Life, which contained the only written copy of the powerful ritual of repulsion, was likewise spirited away by the Old Ones’ servants. Due to the malign influence of the dreams of the few Old Ones who were forced into dormancy instead of back to the Far Realm, almost all memory of these events has been forgotten. Only a precious few know anything at all about the true nature of this world’s history … and now our heroes are among those precious few.


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